A Love Supreme host RAS G !

29 Sep

RAS G (Brainfeeder, Los Angeles)

Sunday October 7th

@ Cobblestone Joes, Limerick.

Please Note: This is an early evening show, 7pm to 10pm.

FREE IN ! ! !

DJ selections from PC, Tokinwhiteboy and mynameisjOhn

About a year ago, a few friends got together to spin the records they couldn’t really spin anywhere else. There were no expectations or aspirations, just inspirations. Things grew and emerged in a natural organic way, and A Love Supreme became something we wanted to use to share original and uncompromising music with the wider community. 12 months later, and we’re here to celebrate our first birthday with one of the most respected leaders from the world of beat-making. Straight from LA, Ras G will be making his Limerick debut with a live set of afro-space rhythms, delivered on a wave of low-end sub frequencies. Large.
Special thanks to Cobblestone Joes for their support on this show, and allowing us to present it to you as a free event. Please remember that this is an early evening show with a 10pm finish-time, so do get down early to catch all the astral vibes.


Somewhere at the interstellar crossroads of Sun Ra, DJ Shadow, and Lee “Scratch” Perry, lies the incomparable musical mind of Los Angeles native Ras G. Ras is the sole captain and crew of this sonic spacecraft, pushing his vessel further into the dark space abysses of beats, hip-hop and jazz. As part of Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder crew, Ras G is the man pushing forward an extraterrestrial sound-wave transmission of dub, white noise, glitch, off-kilter boom-bap, and sound bites. Incorporating healing tones (specific sound frequencies that are purported to have profound effects on the spirit and body), modal jazz, and ancestral inspiration, Ras G has managed to concoct a sonic brew that defies conventional musical categorization. “As opposed to riding trends and waves, I try to bring forth the music that I really feel,” he explains. “It’s my offering to the world.”
He’s been at the forefront of the beat scene since the early days, playing his dusty beats outside of the legendary Sketchbook on a boombox with the likes of Samiyam, Kutmah and Dibase. Since then, he’s gone on to release a slew of critically acclaimed EPs and albums for the likes of Ramp, Brainfeeder and Leaving Records, and rocked spots on a global level from Low End Theory in LA to Hoya Hoya in Manchester. He also appeared in the Dublab movie “Secondhand Sureshots”, exploring the world of thrift-store beats alongside J-Rocc, Daedelus and Nobody.
Ras G guides a deep space exploration of music’s ancient history and rich future. Working with obsolete tools that reach back in time and pluck out the essence of groove, “Ghetto Sci-Fi” is an analysis of what came before us, as told through sounds from the future. This is the music that people will be playing in the ghetto on Mars in the year 3014.


A Love Supreme at Dolan’s Summer Bash

7 Aug

A Love Supreme at Dolans/OOAL all day summer bash

So, we’ve been waiting for this all summer long. After two months of jet-skiing, BBQs and basking in the sun on Ireland’s golden beaches, we’re back again. Tanned and beautiful. And what a way to re-introduce ourselves! The wondrous and wonderful folk at Out On A Limb and Dolans invited us along for their annual summer bash, and we heartily accepted. Plus we’re bringing some friends along for the journey. We’ll be setting up shop downstairs in the bar area of Dolans from 2pm to 9pm, serving you doses of film, chat, music, art and board games. We also have a prize for best drawing, get doodling. This is an access-all-areas event, so you’ll be able to catch some of the sweetest live acts this country has to offer in the Warehouse and upstairs as well, so wander around and soak up as much live action as you can.


Mikey Fingerz: DJ Set

Tokin’ White Boy : DJ Set

Short Film : “Twitch – A Clubber’s Guide to Limerick”

The Jimmy Cake DJ Set

PC, mynameisjOhn & Jason Murphy

B-Music present Strange Passions: Darren Mcreesh talk & dj set on unearthing and compiling Ireland’s early Post-Punk and Electronic Music.

PC, mynameisjOhn & Jason Murphy

B-Music (Dublin) with Darren Mcreesh

B-Music is an independent collective of DJs, musicians and music lovers dedicated to the obsessive and painstaking perusal of obscure, obsolete, exquisitely obnoxious, unbelievable, under-exposed and undeniably delectable discs of experimental pop music from the psyched-out sixties and seventies.
Darren Mcreesh will be repping the collective on the day, spinning records and talking jazz. Well actually, not so much jazz, more-so the emergence of post-punk in Ireland between the years 1980-83. Why? Because Darren has just gone and compiled a killer compilation of tracks from that scene and era called ‘Strange Passions’ for the wonderful Finder’s Keepers sister label Cache Cache. Darren will be explaining his archeological digs into the Irish music underground of yesterday and spinning records from artists we’ve never heard of but wish that we had. Darren will also have copies of the compilation to purchase on vinyl and cd so put your hand down the back of the couch and collect up them coppers and bronzes.

Short Film Screening : “Twitch: A Clubber’s Guide to Limerick” by Peter Moloney

‘Twitch: a Clubbers Guide to Limerick’ is a short documentary that unfold Limerick city’s vibrant electronic music scene. Revealed through interviews and imagery of Limericks Club Culture, the documentary explores the history of the scene from the late 80’s right through to what’s happening in the scene today. The Documentary also features some of Limericks fresh talent and tries to scratch the surface on what the future holds for the scene in Limerick.

Dolans Summer Party

13 Jul



Good God Almighty, thats some line-up!  Sure is.  And we’ll be there, with extra DJ back-up, in the bar downstairs from 2pm.  Last year was easily one of the highlights of the summer, so mark it in your I-Phone, I-Cals or write it on the back of your hands.  Both of them.  Also, its cheap as chips and probably the only place in the country you’ll get the chance to see that many awesome bands on the one day.  Fair play, we love you Dolans, we love you OutOnALimb and we love you Windings!  

A Love Supreme Podcast – ‘No Sun mix’ by Towanda Sasá

6 Jun

The lady who makes A Love Supreme as much fun as it is on a fortnightly basis steps up to the decks to deliver this sweet excursion.  YES!

No Sun mix by Towanda Sasá

1. Ray Brown Orchestra – Go Down Dying
2. Caldera – Ancient Source
3. Hugh Hopper & Alan Gowen – Morning Order
4. Radio Tarifa – Mañana
5. The Brooklyn Funk essentails – take the L train
6. Kate Bush – Sensual World
7. Shigeru Umebayashi – Yumeji’s Theme
8. Souchi – Fumando Crema
9. Maurice Ravel – Boléro


A Love Supreme: The Last One Before We Go On Our Summer Holidays!

5 Jun


If you had told me when we started up ‘A Love Supreme’ last October that we would have had Laurent Fintoni lecture, Sacred Harp Singers sing, a feature in ‘The Irish Times’, a piece on RTÉ Radio 1 arts show ‘Arena’, some of the most amazing drawings I have ever seen and ‘Jenga’ players that are second to none at our little event (that started out as an excuse for us to play records) I would have probably laughed at you! But 9 months on and they are only some of the highlights that spring to mind!
This Sunday however we are packing up our bags for the summer! I have brought the clothes box marked summer down from the top shelf and mynameisjOhn and Ursula have their buckets and spades at the ready for their holidays!

So join us if you can at Dr. John’s on Thomas St. this Sunday from 4pm for our last event until the autumn! It has been you the supporters of ‘A Love Supreme’ who have made it what it is so lets welcome in the summer with one last hurrah before we go our separate ways.

As always, mynameisjOhn and PC on the vinyl duties to soundtrack your Pictionary and Jenga escapades! See you there…

A Love Supreme Podcast – “Im From Cork” Mix by Teknique

23 May

A Love Supreme Podcast – “Im From Cork” Mix by Teknique


Guest mix from our Hobo Convention homie Teknique.  He’s from Cork, he is.

Grab it here….


Bobby Hutcherson – Montara
George Benson – Face it boy, its over
Lonnie Liston Smith – Voodoo Woman
Hank Crawford – Ham
The Meters – Africa
Johnny Hammond – Rocksteady
Ramsey Lewis – Juilia
JB’s – Breakin Bread
Gary Bartz – Standing on the corner
Jack McDuff – City Bump
Blue Mitchell – Na Ta Ka
David Newman – Captain Buckles
Three Sounds – Popsicle Pimp
Gary Bartz NTU Troop ft Andy Bey – Celestial Blues

A Love Supreme + The Hobo Convention

22 May
  • A Love Supreme present A Hobo Supreme

    Sunday 27th of May @ Dr John’s, 31 Thomas Street, Limerick.

    Okay, so about a year ago, the Love Supreme team used to siphon some petrol out of peoples’ lawn mowers and fill up the car for a road trip to Cork. Kind of like the oldadventure trips you used to go on with your family before the weekend ended and it was back to school as normal on a Monday. We’d set off armed with a compass, some tunes and a big bag of sweets and head south to attend one of the finest music presentations in the country. The event was called The Hobo Convention, and was the fine work of our good friends Jus-Me, Boo and Teknique. These boys knew how to set the tone right for a perfect Sunday: a small cozy bar, sweet ales, crates of serious records, producer showcases and wicked banter. We loved it. A lot. So much so, that we went and started A Love Supreme. You can blame/thank them.
    Anyway, we thought it was about time that they brought their expertise to Limerick, so that they could share their buzz with our buzz. These cats are deep, collecting records for many moons and proving themselves as some of the best DJs in the country no doubt. Funk, soul, jazz, reggae; they pack heat. This Sunday, Jus-me, Boo and Tek will be lording it up behind the turntables in A Love Supreme, with the extra bonus of Boo bringing his nomadic record shop, HOBO RECORDS, into the bar to sell some of the best records around. Save your pocket money, kids – you are definitely going to want to pick up some sweet gems off this man.

    As always, we’ll have the papers, the beers, the games, the jenga and our newly acquired Big Pictionary in effect on the day. Big Pictionary proved so popular last week that NOT EVEN ONE GAME OF JENGA WAS PLAYED! Shocking. The times are changing. 4pm to 9pm, and there’s never any charge, so you’ll have more money to buy records in the bar! Win!

    DJs Jus Me, Boo, Teknique, PC & mynameisjOhn.