A Love Supreme host RAS G !

29 Sep

RAS G (Brainfeeder, Los Angeles)

Sunday October 7th

@ Cobblestone Joes, Limerick.

Please Note: This is an early evening show, 7pm to 10pm.

FREE IN ! ! !

DJ selections from PC, Tokinwhiteboy and mynameisjOhn

About a year ago, a few friends got together to spin the records they couldn’t really spin anywhere else. There were no expectations or aspirations, just inspirations. Things grew and emerged in a natural organic way, and A Love Supreme became something we wanted to use to share original and uncompromising music with the wider community. 12 months later, and we’re here to celebrate our first birthday with one of the most respected leaders from the world of beat-making. Straight from LA, Ras G will be making his Limerick debut with a live set of afro-space rhythms, delivered on a wave of low-end sub frequencies. Large.
Special thanks to Cobblestone Joes for their support on this show, and allowing us to present it to you as a free event. Please remember that this is an early evening show with a 10pm finish-time, so do get down early to catch all the astral vibes.


Somewhere at the interstellar crossroads of Sun Ra, DJ Shadow, and Lee “Scratch” Perry, lies the incomparable musical mind of Los Angeles native Ras G. Ras is the sole captain and crew of this sonic spacecraft, pushing his vessel further into the dark space abysses of beats, hip-hop and jazz. As part of Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder crew, Ras G is the man pushing forward an extraterrestrial sound-wave transmission of dub, white noise, glitch, off-kilter boom-bap, and sound bites. Incorporating healing tones (specific sound frequencies that are purported to have profound effects on the spirit and body), modal jazz, and ancestral inspiration, Ras G has managed to concoct a sonic brew that defies conventional musical categorization. “As opposed to riding trends and waves, I try to bring forth the music that I really feel,” he explains. “It’s my offering to the world.”
He’s been at the forefront of the beat scene since the early days, playing his dusty beats outside of the legendary Sketchbook on a boombox with the likes of Samiyam, Kutmah and Dibase. Since then, he’s gone on to release a slew of critically acclaimed EPs and albums for the likes of Ramp, Brainfeeder and Leaving Records, and rocked spots on a global level from Low End Theory in LA to Hoya Hoya in Manchester. He also appeared in the Dublab movie “Secondhand Sureshots”, exploring the world of thrift-store beats alongside J-Rocc, Daedelus and Nobody.
Ras G guides a deep space exploration of music’s ancient history and rich future. Working with obsolete tools that reach back in time and pluck out the essence of groove, “Ghetto Sci-Fi” is an analysis of what came before us, as told through sounds from the future. This is the music that people will be playing in the ghetto on Mars in the year 3014.


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