A Love Supreme + The Hobo Convention

22 May
  • A Love Supreme present A Hobo Supreme

    Sunday 27th of May @ Dr John’s, 31 Thomas Street, Limerick.

    Okay, so about a year ago, the Love Supreme team used to siphon some petrol out of peoples’ lawn mowers and fill up the car for a road trip to Cork. Kind of like the oldadventure trips you used to go on with your family before the weekend ended and it was back to school as normal on a Monday. We’d set off armed with a compass, some tunes and a big bag of sweets and head south to attend one of the finest music presentations in the country. The event was called The Hobo Convention, and was the fine work of our good friends Jus-Me, Boo and Teknique. These boys knew how to set the tone right for a perfect Sunday: a small cozy bar, sweet ales, crates of serious records, producer showcases and wicked banter. We loved it. A lot. So much so, that we went and started A Love Supreme. You can blame/thank them.
    Anyway, we thought it was about time that they brought their expertise to Limerick, so that they could share their buzz with our buzz. These cats are deep, collecting records for many moons and proving themselves as some of the best DJs in the country no doubt. Funk, soul, jazz, reggae; they pack heat. This Sunday, Jus-me, Boo and Tek will be lording it up behind the turntables in A Love Supreme, with the extra bonus of Boo bringing his nomadic record shop, HOBO RECORDS, into the bar to sell some of the best records around. Save your pocket money, kids – you are definitely going to want to pick up some sweet gems off this man.

    As always, we’ll have the papers, the beers, the games, the jenga and our newly acquired Big Pictionary in effect on the day. Big Pictionary proved so popular last week that NOT EVEN ONE GAME OF JENGA WAS PLAYED! Shocking. The times are changing. 4pm to 9pm, and there’s never any charge, so you’ll have more money to buy records in the bar! Win!

    DJs Jus Me, Boo, Teknique, PC & mynameisjOhn.


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