A Love Supreme XIV – The one where we have an open decks policy!

5 May

So, since last October, we’ve had the chance to pull out and play some of the records which we thought we’d only ever get to spin in the confines of our own houses. Fair play to all of ye for allowing us to do so. It’s those rare records and unexpected selections that give’s one a good insight into the mind of the soul. But we want to learn more about ye, the audience!

So this upcoming ‘A Love Supreme’ will have an-open decks policy. We’ll be keeping it to 3 records per person, so you got to choose ’em wisely. Grab some wax that means something special to you and come on down and share your audio treasures with everyone else. If it’s a country record – cool! If it’s a prog record – perfect! If its a hard-house record – Ah, you probably should just leave that at home.

Thanks to everyone thats made it down to our new base in Doctor John’s on Thomas Street, it’s a really great space with fantastic staff and a superb atmosphere. This Sunday, we’ll be running with our usual selection of games and art activities, but we’ll be putting a theme on all the drawings and pictures from now on – just to keep it interesting.

A Love Supreme is on from 4 – 9pm next Sunday the 13th in Doctor Johns at 31 Thomas Street in Limerick. Admission is free and the craic is only mighty! See you there…



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