A Love Supreme Weekender Present A Boom Bap Continuum

31 Jan

A Love Supreme Weekender

Saturday 25th of February : A Boom Bap Supreme

LAURENT FINTONI (Rhythm Incursions/ABBC)

Laminator (Bap to the Future, Galway)




9pm to late – Admission on the door is 4 bucks. Mix ON!

Sunday 26th of February : A Love Continuum

Hosting A Boom Bap Continuum Lecture with Laurent Fintoni

Records gently spun by our usual gents PC,mynameisjOhn, Deviant, plus invited friends and fam

Free in, music-tea-coffee-newspapers-soup-sandwiches-drawing-colouring-in-boardgames. 4pm until sometime after 8pm – Admission free. Mix OFF!

Okay, so you know we’re all beat-heads, right? It isn’t all just lush grooves with us people, and of course, everyday cannot be Sunday. Sometimes we like nothing better than getting down to straight-up boom-bap bangers. In light of all this, and mostly down to the fact that we really enjoy doing A Love Supreme, we’ve gone and organized a weekender of sorts. Saturday for the bass and beats, Sunday for the listening and lounging. We have friends coming up, down and across for it. Here’s our spiel.

We all grew up on tapes. Then mixtapes. Then records. And I guess we have to mention mp3s too. A few years ago, a little creation began to circulate which gave props and respect to these mediums in the dopest of fashions. It was called A Boom Bap Continuum, and those that understood it and appreciated it knew that this was something more musically and culturally important than a simple dj mix. This was relevance of the highest order, an audio collage joining dots that just needed to be joined. A patchwork tracing the evolution of the boom-bap aesthetic in its most transmutative state. A joint effort by Laurent Fintoni, DJ Clockwork and Om Unit (back when he was 2Tall), the mix perfectly traced how the lineage of todays beat-scene owes as much to Premo as it does to Prefuse. This mix got A LOT of plays around our gaffs. It really does deserve around 15 – 20 listens to fully understand the careful planning and intelligence inherent in stitching something like this together so cleverly.

Skip forward two years from when the Boom Bap Continuum first spread across the internet. Its still getting props, whether its airings by Dublab in LA or salutations from Simon Reynolds in his recent book Retromania. Its even become a lecture, delivered in numerous cities around Europe. And that, folks, is key. We love the distribution of knowledge so much, we went and got in touch with Laurent Fintoni, and asked if he’d like to come over and maybe spin some records and present a public lecture on A Boom Bap Continuum. He said “sure, why not”, and we said “GREAT!”. IF you need a few words from the man himself about the concept and lecture, here’s a quote that sums it up something lovely – “ A Boom Bap Continuum seeks to trace what I see as the fascinating evolution of hip hop’s most enduring sonic aesthetic and how it was influenced by technological evolution, cultural and geographical mutations as well as hip hop’s original ethos of ‘do what you want with what you have”.

Its hard to even try and give some background on the work of Laurent Fintoni, except by saying he’s an extremely busy man. A worldly man. A writer, journalist, blogger, host, DJ, and one of the most forward-thinking people in the beat industry, Laurent has worked on the excellent Turntable Radio show and currently presents Rhythm Incursions. He also does some lovely mixing and blends on the U-Stream hosted La Maisonnette Electronique, alongside the all-conquering Om Unit and various guests. Dude has played everywhere, from Tokyo to Berlin to London, and is deep in the game, so we’re chuffed to be able to bring him over for music, words and craic.

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