A Love Supreme VII

26 Jan

Our best representation of what mass SHOULD be like returns this Sunday, at the usual time of 4pm. Our second adventure of the new year. Same format, same craic. But this week we’re bringing one of Ireland’s deepest diggers into the fold for a trip down soul’s less tra…velled avenues. Andrew Flynn, better known as A2DF, is widely regarded as one of the most clued-in record collectors in the island. He’s also known as one of the more economically-daring cats as well, dropping big figures on rare wax which the rest of us could pay a month’s rent with. He’s got the 7″ soul bombs. We’re hyped to have him this Sunday in Leddins, playing some his collection which will get its first public airing. The man promises diamonds. Everything else continues as normal – newspapers, drawing, tea, stout, soup, board games, tension tower, BANTER. PC, mynameisjOhn and Deviant will be on hand to spin the weirder cuts in their crates. Our podcast will be up in the next day or two, PC is bringing the heat this time around. See y’all Sunday, thanks for the support. Draw us a picture as well, will ya – we love the art.

Also : Our A Love Supreme weekender is coming on the 25th and 26th of February, write it everywhere. This will be a smidgeon different than normal, just with more dancing and talking. And bass. Clues as to whats a g’wan in the next week.


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